Minoso Japanese Knives

The Misono has sustained in producing the highest quality kinds of knives for the experts in Seki, which had an 800 year of history of the knife making. The skilled craftsmen and their experiences marry the traditional techniques with the most recent technology to five technical precision with the human touch. The success of Minoso in the United States and in Europe is high because of their ability to make an even more user friendly kind of Western style knives that have all the qualities of the Japanese style knives.


The Misono Swedish Carbon of steel series has been made with the Swedish carbon steel, and has that high stage of purity and every knife has been hand-ground and also finished. Being the real carbon steel, the knives will then react to acidity and moisture that is present in the foods and can cause some discoloration; it is natural and harmless too.

It is recommended that the rust remover will be purchased in conjunction to those knives to take out the patina and some possible rust that will be form. By allowing the patina (dark iron oxide) shape of on the outer side of the blade can decrease further reactivity with the foods and will make the surface of the blade even more stable.

The knives are very just easy and simple to sharpen and to maintain as well; they can be maintained with the honing rod though it always recommended the stones as a preferable system of maintenance. Its steel is just so simple to deburr and to achieve that keen edge with an ease.

Different types of Minoso

1. Misono Swedish Garasuki Carbon Steel 185mm or 7.3"

2. Misono Swedish Honesuki Carbon Steel 165mm or 6.5"

3. Misono Swedish Santoku Carbon Steel 160mm or 6.3"

4. Misono Swedish Petty Carbon Steel 150mm or 5.9"

5. Misono Swedish Petty Carbon Steel 130mm or 5.1"

6. Misono Swedish Petty Carbon Steel 120mm or 4.7"

7. Misono Swedish Yo-Deba Carbon Steel 165mm or 6.5"

8. Misono Swedish Sujihiki Carbon Steel 300mm or 11.8"

9. Misono Swedish Sujihiki Carbon Steel 270mm or 10.6"

10. Misono Swedish Sujihiki Carbon Steel 240mm or 9.4"

11. Misono Swedish Gyuto Carbon Steel 270mm or 10.6"

12. Misono Swedish Gyuto Carbon Steel 240mm or 9.4"

13. Misono Swedish Gyuto Carbon Steel 210mm or 8.2"

14. Misono Fruit Knife Molybdenum 103mm or 4"

15. Misono Fruit Knife Molybdenum 107mm or 4.2"

16. Misono Gyuto UX10 240mm or 9.4"

17. Misono Sujihiki UX10 270mm or 10.6"

18. Misono Sujihiki UX10 240mm or 9.4"

19. Misono Gyuto UX10 210mm or 8.2"

20. Misono Petty UX10 150mm or 5.9"


This Santoku is the cross between the Gyuto and the Nakiri, originally intended for those houses or home cooks. It is the multipurpose knife that may be applied to the cutting of fish, meat, vegetables and fruits.


This Yo-Deba exactly means “Western deba” which has the double-bevel edge, makes it great for the cutting of crab and lobster shells.


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