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Is 70s fashion back?

70s fashion was all about expressing and individuality. This was the decade when a lot of subcultures like the hippies, mods, heavy metal and punks rose to express them. This period was very important in the history of fashion. Now a lot of the 70s trends have made a huge comeback in 2019. Have a look on the most iconic 70s trends currently in fashion.
Bell bottoms and Bell sleeves
Bell bottoms were one of the most popular styles in the 70s.They added the perfect drama and made the female figures look more curvy and feminine. Now they are back with a bang in the spring-summer ’19. Similarly, bell sleeves can be seen used in the tops and dresses in the New York fashion week spring-summer ’19.

Crochet, laces and macramé
70s fashion was a great advancement in romanticism. Crochet was a big trendsetter in the 70s. 2019 is seeing a lot of these romantic and sensual laces, crochet and macramé in the New York fashion week Spring-summer ’19.

Satin slips
The 70s glamour queen can be pictured wearing a slinky satin slip dress. This has also made a comeback in the current season. Satin slips, gowns and dresses are in fashion again.

Over the knee boots
These boots were very popular in the 70s winter fashion. They were discarded because of the discomfort they created. But they have managed to set a trend in the spring-summer ’19 in a lot of colors and textures.

Blazers were in trend when the “Teddy Boy” subculture reappeared in the 70s. They are again back in the current season in different colors in the Milan fashion week spring-summer ’19. Women can be seen flaunting blazers in the upcoming season.

Fringes were started by the hippies back in the 70s. They were back in fashion in 2018 and are now here to stay. This trend is promising to continue in the upcoming seasons too. Fringes are now seen in dresses, tops, headgears, sandals as well as in bags.

Prints and patterns
70s fashion is incomplete without speaking of a lot of bright colors, prints and patterns. Prints like the Aztec and animal prints were introduced by the “Hippie” subculture. Flirtatious floral prints were a bohemian style of the 70s. All these prints and patterns have been successful in making a comeback this season again.

Boho-chic fashion
Bohemian fashion has made a comeback this season. They were carefree, had the romantic attitude and liked to keep things natural looking fresh and fancy. Their soft fabrics, flowy silhouettes, paisley and floral prints and silver jewelry have all made their way into this season.
1970 Are Back: How To Wear Seventies Style 2019

Earthy tones
Yes, the neutrals are back again! The shades like beige, sand, khaki and a lot of browns are now seen in the New York fashion week ’19. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford have made their collections using the earthy tones.
1970 Are Back: How To Wear Seventies Style 2019

Midi and maxi
Midi and maxi skirts and dresses gained huge popularity in the 70s. They are now again seen on the models in New York fashion week on models sporting the look. They are now made in free and flowing fabrics.
1970 Are Back: How To Wear Seventies Style 2019

If you are a person who loved the 70s fashion, this is your season. So, get ready to rock the retro look!


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