McAfee SpamKiller 5.1 Spam Filter

McAfee Incorporated, earlier known as Intel Security Group is an American cybersecurity company with headquarters in California. The company has been credited with developing some of the best internet and data security software including McAfee VirusScan, and McAfee E-Business Server among others. McAfee ensures that every online and offline data security product is of the best quality by passing it through stringent quality and performance testing.One of the product manufactured by McAfee that provides incredible level of security to a user’s PC is the McAfee SpamKiller 5.1. The McAfee SpamKiller is an easy-to-use spam filter that offers a number of filters for detecting any scam. However, users might wonder as to what makes the McAfee SpamKiller an outstanding option to keep their PC safe.Why use McAfee SpamKiller?McAfee SpamKiller checks for multiple POP, MAPI or Hotmail email accounts to detect any new or old spam files.This uses a highly flexible and powerful filter system that can spot junk email, scams and any other unwanted email.The McAfee SpamKiller gets automatic updates in accordance with the latest filtering rules.Messages blocked by the SpamKiller can be reviewed and rescued easily.Users can easily add senders to the white list and built filters using email messages.The SpamKiller can easily monitor the user’s email client address book and whitelist new contacts.Any additional spam is easily discovered by filtering image-only messages and the option to block specific charsets.McAfee SpamKiller allows users to fight back using complaints and error messages.This comes with complete support for Windows 9X/ ME/ NT/ 2000/ 3 and XP.McAfee SpamKiller Final ConclusionThe McAfee SpamKiller uses a flexible filtering engine to quarantine any spam that is detected. In order to match the upgraded spam files, the SpamKiller files also get regular updates. Users can manually review the SpamKiller decision, they can rescue an email or delete unwanted email from their server. The McAfee SpamKiller utilizes Bayesian filters and is easy to setup.

Posted on 19 Apr 2018
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